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stucco primer and paint for stucco Stuc-O-Flex Acrylic stucco paint?










stucco primer and paint for stucco Stuc-O-Flex Acrylic stucco paint?
How long have I been an applicator? 40 years.

That’s a mighty long time to test and understand the longevity of paint products for stucco walls.
In this how-to, apply a Stuc-O-Flex acrylic finish video.

In this video, we show the Best stucco acrylic stucco sold in the USA, bar none, as I had an obligation for a warranty to make sure my work did not fail, at least within my lifetime.

I’m responsible as I took on this responsibility. So when they asked If I could repair it, I not only told them I could but that they could depend on me to use quality stucco materials for its longevity.

Fortunately, I saw primer and painting new stucco as easy as long as the best quality primer and paint for stucco and or stucco acrylic was correctly applied. This is where my expertise in material knowledge comes into play.

It takes on average 5 to 10 years to understand basic plastering spreading or applying applications, some guys can spread for twenty years and still not have a clue, but that’s now what this story is about.

Back to Stucco material knowledge, that’s where it takes up to 20 years of hands-on training as one makes a wrong decision and tries to save money on compromising stucco materials such as primer and or paints to save some cash, you will be back, redoing the whole job, but this time for free, with a lesson learned.

I have learned already at my former boss’s and my own experience by troubleshooting for a couple of decades. Plus learning about the best painting and primers in my own home many times.

Moving on.
My pal, Dan Johnson, who works with Stuc-O-Flex, is the man to call.
Dan’s an expert with all Stuc-O-Flex stuccos, primers, and paints, as well as stucco acrylics.
Dan’s number is 425 885-5085.
If you are serious and want the best, longest-lasting primer and paint with a warranty along with a quality stucco acrylic
s and paints for new stucco, he’s the man to talk to.

Note: all acrylic stuccos have their own primer to be rolled or brushed on before the spread of acrylic stucco. Just like their paints have their own primer for new stucco.

To remove all dust, dirt, moss, mold, and whatever, one must pressure wash, as nothing adheres to a dirty surface.
Thus, before Paining or acrylic stucco is applied, this is the most important task. How Stuc O Flex Works STUC-O-FLEX Extreme Crack Coverage 1-800-305-1045 Rubber Stucco = No Cracks –

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