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Art of Stucco

Styrofoam Shapes, Plaster Repairs, Cracks

Waterproofing is one of our special skills.

Don't get wet by hiring the wrong contractor!

You are looking at a home that I applied Styrofoam and an acrylic finish to, a long time ago,
I bid this home originally but the homeowner had a less expensive bid and hired that company. Unfortunately, 2 years later it was discovered all the windows leaked. This home was on a hill where 100-mile-an-hour wind and rains are frequent. After installing new windows they felt it would be cost-effective to just apply and acrylic over the entire home in order to waterproof it.

He called me and hired me to install the foam around all the windows and doors and to apply the acrylic finish. He did the research for the acrylic product and had the materials delivered. (He decided on stucco flex as his acrylic stucco finish). There are many different brands of acrylic.

Choose a LICENSED contractor!