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Art of Stucco

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News flash! There's more to stucco than meets the eye!

These photos below show two different large complicated stucco homes, before and after I applied lath (paper & wire) around decks, rails, parapets, inset windows & doors, soffit’s, vents, and expansion joints. I did both of these in the early 1990’s the lath on both is very complex and requires quite a lot of experience, nevermind actually applying the stucco.

I say this to instill in folks minds that I have a lot of time in and know the proper way to flash and counter flash,  all areas on a home, which is far more important then the actual stucco work. Not that it doesn’t take considerable skill to plaster as well!

The second home was built in 1986 and was featured in the movie “Made in America” starring Whoopie Goldberg and Ted Danson in 1992. When the home finally sold I happened to see it in the newspaper so I included it in these pictures.

As you can see I have been in this trade now for quite some time. I am fortunate in that I absolutely love what I do. I am always excited by new projects, and my enthusiasm has kept me as the premier stucco contractor in the east bay area.

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