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Stucco mastery requires technical expertise and knowledge, along with dash of artistic finesse

We’re not Michaelangelo and we don’t work with stone, but if over 50 million views on YouTube and 59 5-star reviews is any indication, we have carved out a reputation of excellence and beauty in stucco applications here in Emeryville and throughout the entire Bay Area. Our time-tested techniques work their magic to create results that some have called works of art. With unwavering attention to detail, we elevate the beauty of your home or business, leaving you with an elegant finish that you’re guaranteed to love.

stucco application on a new home in the East Bay

You build it - We stucco it

Whether you’re building a new home or home addition in Emeryville, adding an ADU, or any accessory you’re looking to add a stucco finish to – we have experience with applying stucco or plaster to all types of different structures and consistently deliver beautiful results that exceed our clients expectations. Having served Emeryville for 40 years, our promise to you is to deliver customer satisfaction, exceptional quality, and attention to detail. Get ready to see firsthand how the Emeryville stucco experts get it done.

Why Stucco?

With all these benefits, you'd be crazy to choose anything else!

Exceptional durability

Stucco is a robust and long-lasting material that can withstand various weather conditions that come our way here in Emeryville (including rain, wind, and extreme temperatures) without deteriorating easily. The longevity of stucco compared to other house cladding systems speaks for itself. Stucco stands the test of time, as its proven methodology has been used as far back as 4000 BC with ancient Egyptians using a derivative of lime plaster.

Maintenance free finishes

With a maintenance free colored stucco finish, you will never need to paint or maintain the stuccoed portions of your home again, saving you significant money over time. This also creates a big selling point in Emeryville if you plan to sell your home, giving you a solid return on your investment. Learn more about color coats here >>

Replacing a garage door with new stucco, and retexturing / recoloring the whole home to match
Replacing a garage door with new stucco, and retexturing / recoloring the whole home to match

Even more benefits…

To prove we’re not just blowing smoke here about fire resistance, check out this video! 

Energy efficient

Stucco provides excellent insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures by keeping the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It may not freeze in Emeryville, but it does get hot in the summer. This thermal barrier can lead to increased energy efficiency and reduced utility bills. 

Fire resistant

This is a big one these days with the threat of wild fires and now insurance companies in  even refusing to insure new homes! Stucco is fire-resistant! You get an extra layer of safety and protection, and additional time to put that fire out.

Drumroll, please.

And what homeowners care about most…

Stucco is cost effective

While the upfront cost of stucco may be higher, it is worth the investment. Its long-term durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and fire-resistant properties can make it a cost-effective choice for Emeryville homeowners. If you ever sell your home, a modern stucco finish raises its value and can get you more money during selling time.

It's just plain gorgeous

Stucco allows homeowners to choose from a wide range of colors and textures to suit their desired style. Whether your style is more “old world charm” or something more modern, stucco lends a touch of elegance and sophistication to any Emeryville home. 

Stucco patches on beautiful east bay stucco home

Stucco and plastering textures finishes

Plaster, applied in a plastic state, may create a great variety of design configurations or texture patterns. It has been a popular finish for most of history, and can be applied to all types of buildings: from single-family homes to high-rise structures. Since it lasts the lifetime of the building, redecoration is necessary only when a change in color is desired.

Stucco FAQs

The many benefits of stucco make it an excellent and versatile choice for exterior walls. Increased energy efficiency, fire resistance, sound proofing, and moisture resistance are just a few of the attributes that elevate stucco above other home cladding systems.

Properly applied and maintained stucco can last almost indefinitely! Humans have been using stucco and plastering methods for thousands of years. Many ancient examples can be found still standing all over the world. Choosing a licensed stucco contractor will ensure you get the highest quality materials applied to the highest standards that will stand the test of time.

There is no best stucco material for every situation, however we can help guide you to make the best and most cost effective choice for your individual needs. We have decades of experience using a huge variety of stucco materials succesfully to complete our projects.

For those that live in colder climates the freeze thaw cycle can be disastrous for cementicious products, however, with the proper materials and investment stucco can still be an excellent choice for these regions. Luckily, you in the East Bay do not needs to worry about these issues and Stucco remains an excellent and cost effective choice.

Stucco is significantly stronger and more durable than any other siding system. It also offers more fire and weather resistance, as well as soundproofing. It can withstand hard climates with ease.

Almost all which include horizontal or diagonal siding as well as T-one-eleven which, if not maintained, nears the end of its life cycle quickly. Although ship-lap siding and shingles are about the only sidings I recommend removing, I have applied stucco over these on occasion.

While the upfront cost of stucco may be slightly higher than other house cladding systems, the many benefits justify the cost and offer a signifcant return on investment to clients. Additionally, stucco offers a variety of finish colors and textures which gives folks the chance to personalize their homes more effectively than other siding choices.

According to HGTV, stucco is a high value improvement that can increase a home’s curb appeal, thus also increasing its value. This means that if you’re planning to sell your home, adding stucco to your existing siding or updating an old stucco texture with a more modern look is a great project to undertake with a solid ROI.

Our estimates make sense. See for yourself.

We pride ourselves on our excellent work, but also in our transparency and integrity. Ever hire a contractor and wonder what they’re doing behind the scenes, if they’re cutting corners, or if they’re cheaping out on materials? Thanks to our extensive video catalog of completed work, you can see us work from beginning to end on hundreds of projects just like yours. Our methods are effective and time tested.

We have no need to upsell and do not want folks paying for things they do not need. In fact, we often recommend more cost effective ways to solve problems, if we are aware of them. When we give you a bid, you can be sure it’s a fair estimate of what actually needs to be done – no more, no less.

As your local “stucco guys,” we’ll be completely honest with you in the recommendations we make. We’ll give you an estimate that is fair and reasonable, and give your Emeryville home the TLC it needs.