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Stucco a whole on the same day, Scratch Brown and Color finish.










Stucco a whole on the same day, Scratch Brown and Color finish.
Stucco a home or any wall in a day. Is it possible to apply a scratch coat, brown coat, and color coat in a day? If the answer is seeing is believing, then witness it here.

I have stucco, a complete home in a day with a crew of 6 journeymen plasters, including myself. It was a 1,400 square foot home,
We used this exact same material, “Enisenwall,” which is sold at only Professional plastering yards” such as “Westside building materials.” We applied the base coat then a cementitious color finish to the complete home.
It was beautiful. Would I do that again? Not really. I wanted to see the results, and the homeowner was in an extreme hurry.

Yes, that included the scratch and brown coat with the finish coat.😉
Most folks, even professional plasterers, may not know how to do this without compromising many things.
Still, we’re experts on all stucco materials, making this possible without compromising the stucco.

In fact, it enhanced longevity.

Using the Eisenwall hydraulic stucco. This includes only a finish coat that is a cementitious breathable finish.
If one wanted a painted or acrylic stucco finish, then there would be a thirty-day cure time that must be waited on for reasons I won’t go into here.
Same day Scratch Brown and Color Coat stucco.
Is it possible to plaster a house in a day? Rapid Set Plaster all coats and finish on the same day?

Apply Rapid Set Plaster, scratch, brown, and finish same day other plastering tips

Here’s my work philosophy with my chosen field of expertise.💃
Sure, I pay more for all materials.
However, my learned talents with material knowledge mean I pass the saving on to you.
If I decide to come only once to apply back to back or both coats of stucco on the same day.
You get the job done faster, and with the types of Plastering cement, that is at least double the strength.

Plus, for me, and I love this mutual benefit, I may pay three times more for materials, but I only set up once, thus clean up once, less driving and wear and tear on my trucks, and a minimized pollution from waisted gas, less inconvenience to homeowners also.
Who wants to shut down their life to wait for us contractors to gain access to their projects?
This mutual respect or benefit is why we personally are called back often and referred.
I feel a win-win for both sides.
Fact, If I exchange my talents for another man’s money, it makes sense that I can give this person the same or better results than another plastering contractor at the exact or below cost.
This philosophy with work and family is why some folks generally “lead the field” and enjoy themselves simultaneously, like us.

Here’s another video completed the same way on a smaller scall, titled, Stucco patching, Modern day stucco applications, Enjoy.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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