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Stucco Bonding Agent Quikrete Bonding Agent Weld Crete Bonding Agent










Stucco Bonding Agent Quikrete Bonding Agent Weld Crete Bonding Agent.
I prefer full strength for adhering base or skim coats to painted stucco surfaces.
Full strength Weld-Crete over a painted stucco surface is a different story.
In this video, I explain why I dilute this bonding agent.

I do this stuff for a living. Anyone else, do as the cans or bottles tell you, as I explain what I have done for more than thirty years with my intricate material knowledge.
All should realize, Weld-Crete is made for concrete over concrete but can also be used for thin layers of stucco finish coats over painted surfaces. Because it is so strong, I often am forced to dilute it. 😏

Bonding Agents for Concrete, Stucco & Plaster, Liquid Lath, Quikrete bonding agent is sold at HD and lowes big chain hardware stores.
Larson’s, “Weld-Crete is sold at plastering yards. Thus Google, “Plastering yards near me,” if interested in using Weld -Crete as your bonding agent.

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Stucco and or plastering bonding agents.
Quickrete bonding agent is also great and sold at all Home depot and lowes hardware stores.
I added Sika’s bonding agent to prove a point I didn’t explain in this video.
Sika additive is usually for grout as in tile adhesives.
Instead of mixing the grout with water, you would combine the grout with the sika bonding agent.
This gives the tile grout more strength to adhere to many substrates.

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