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Can one smooth out a heavy stucco texture or finish










Can one smooth out a heavy stucco texture or finish

You betcha, I have been doing just this for over 35 years without a failure, but common sense rules must be followed.

I’ll explain in greater detail what’s involved when applying a new stucco finish over an existing heavy finish or texture.
In stucco language, it’s considered applying a new maintenance-free integrated color finish.; since that’s too much of a mouthful and confusing, let’s just call it a new stucco finish over your existing heavy finish.
   First, whoever does it beside us, must pressure wash the entire home with a gas-powered pressure washer.
Here is what to expect, one to five percent of the paint to come off, but it could be more, so any loose paint is now scraped off.
Typical, also you may have a well-maintained home where nothing but the dust and dirt comes off; as it should be, that’s even better.

 Once this is complete and the walls are cleaned, a bonding agent Like Larson’s “weld creat” or similar would have to be rolled and brushed on the entire home; for the correct suction, essential.

   Lastly, ours or any crew you hire would apply whatever stucco finish you choose to the complete home.
I also recommend no matter which one hires to apply a new stucco finish to your home, they provide a sample 4 feet by 4 feet on your existing finish to show you exactly what to expect, so one looks forwards to the finished stucco.
Instead of worrying and hoping it all works out.
This sample should relieve anxieties forks may have.

As I pointed out in the video,
The advantages or benefits of spreading a stucco finish coat color. Depending on how heavy a finish or texture one has to cover or work with, they are fifty times to seventy times thicker than paint.
This is why stucco medium or heavy sand finishes cover or hide imperfections in existing stucco finishes and why painting enhances these flaws.🤔
Here’s a couple of videos that explain the entire process in great detail.

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I’ve had many comments like this: I hired a company to apply a new stucco finish, and now that he has finished, you can see these lines right through the color giving the house a zebra effect.
Or the house has too many different colors on the walls.
That’s what we call ghosting.
Or worse yet, the new stucco finish is separating or coming off.
This is because of two shortcuts that are far from shortcuts.
Number one, they skipped the pressure washing and just hosed the walls off with your garden hose.
Or number two, which is more common, they read the can, and it said you can just pour the liquid bonding agent into the 800 pounds of newly mixed stucco. You can’t.
This will delete the bonding agent to uselessness.
The bonding agent must be applied to clean walls.
That person might have been confused by the bonding against; Sika does indeed say you can add the bonding agent to the mix. However, they are referring to adding their liquid bonding agent to “tile grout” instead of water to adhere better.
This has nothing at all to do with stucco applications.
It’s wishful thinking by the ignorant or the willfully blind person that feels he can reinvent the wheel.
Stucco with proper presswork and your new stucco finishes last forever.

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