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Can use use Muriatic acid to clean plastering tools, no bad idea










Can use use Muriatic acid to clean plastering tools, no

I am asked this question so often I did this video to explain why it’s a bad idea, muriatic acid dissolves the protective coating on the trowels causing rust each evening especially if its damp, it a real drag to have to scrape the rust off each day.

This muriatic acid also etches and dissolves the darbies and hawks if you leave on too long as they are made of magnesium.

I have used Muriatic acid for cleaning bricks that have gotten stained with stucco a couple of times, however I personally don’t recommend cleaning plastering tools or trowels with it for the above reasons.

I had a job 25 years ago where we had 30 tones of sand dropped onto a plastic tarp covering some of the coolest designed bricks I have yet to see in a fellas driveway, as My brother Louuuu, scraped the sand off the ground he tore through the tarps where he then walked and wheel barreled on top of the broken tarps, the result was a very stained beautiful brick driveway.
I purchased some Muriatic acid and diluted it about 10 to 1 and applied this salution to the brick, it worked well enough to remove the stains.
I have also tried Muriatic acid to remove effloresce and came to the conclusion simple and not toxic vinegar works better to remove effloresces on stucco walls than acid.
Most brick layers use this acid and it is commonly used for cleaning swimming pools, as the grout stains with time.
Some folks also clean stains of minerals and lime deposits from toilets, and claim it dissolves clogged toilets, this may be true but this Muriatic acid can flow to the bays and or rivers, plus this Muriatic acid is not good for pipes anyway. It will dissolve older pipes in your walls so don’t use it for this purpose.
I have not personally not found a toilet I couldn’t unclog without a simple wooden plunger and I have raised five kids.
Best wishes and be safe.

Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!
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Can use use Muriatic acid to clean plastering tools, no bad idea
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Can use use Muriatic acid to clean plastering tools, no bad idea,
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