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Stucco acrylic finishes vs. regular color finishes










Stucco acrylic finishes vs. regular color finishes.
What’s the difference between stucco traditional finish coats verse acrylic stuccoes?

Depends on A 3 coat traditional stucco system with a cementitious finish that should last over 100’s of years. But, of course, the colors will fade in the sun, and through the years, with many, many seasons of rain, especially for months at a time, the ground will saturate and move. This is normal.

However, this will cause hairlines cracks. Mind you, these cracks do not mean a home is leaking. It simply means after many season’s this will occur no matter where in the whorl you live.

Also, traffic wind, doors, and windows being slammed or shut hard will cause hairline cracks, which is just the tip of the iceberg. These cementitious color finishes will darken like a brick because they are maintenance-free. (Never needs painting)

But stucco does not rot like wood. Too many other benefits to name.
Now acrylic finishes are basically Acrylic paints with sand and color. This means they can flex more than a cementitious color finish, and when they get wet, they do not darken as they don’t absorb water (at least not for about 25 years and even then only a bit.) I usually recommend acrylics on hilltop homes where the winds and the rains are brutal (usually about
50 to100 miles an hour) the rain mixed with the high wind will add movement to any home.
However, you will pay more for acrylics. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? I believe so in certain situations they do.

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Hello everyone, take it from a 40-year exterior stucco finishing contractor. All acrylic stucco coatings are not created equal.
In fact, some stucco acrylics are so pathetic that if they offered them to me for free, I’d have to decline, as if I applied these shitty products, I would be responsible, thereby sued or have to redo the work, wheres the savings in that nonsense.
Some folks would be shocked as one of the biggest names in cementitious stucco finishes is the worst with their acrylic stuccos. How bad is it, we as stucco contractors, talk with our fellow stucco contractors, and as a joke, might say, no doubt they used, Blaw, Blaw, Blaw, and this are why they are being sued or having to re-do their failed acrylic finish?
My goal is and always has been, if it’s a great product, say what it is, If it’s a shitty and useless product by a company that was sold out to another company or country and simply using their famous name to sell their garbage, don’t mention that product!
We stay positive, not negative that way.😉

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