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Cost difference of Acrylic stucco VS traditional stucco, cost explained










Cost difference of Acrylic stucco VS traditional stucco, cost explained.
Stucco Acrylic vs. traditional stucco, Cost difference explained.
Do you want to see how this stucco acrylic was applied?

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In this quick explanation, I’m explaining the cost difference between Acrylic stucco and traditional stucco, as we say, in the plastering trade.

Acrylic stucco cost more as they are twice the work, and costs are about three times that of cementitious color coats.
However, acrylic stucco tends to flex more.
In the long run, Less hairline cracking if your home is on a hill or area prone to ground movement, plus they are more water-resistant and won’t darken when wet.

A cementitious finish, such as La Habra, Western, Carson, BMI, etc., tends to darken when wet but also provides a maintenance-free finish that never needs painting again, ever.

Cementitious color finishes are like a brick. When wet, the colors darken, but when dryer conditions. Return the wall return also to their original color. Thus, like a brick, the color also lasts forever as it’s integrated into the cement. stucco

Colors can be solid in appearance if the light base of 100 is used, “white” the easier to get a solid color; however, if a darker color is wanted, a 200 base, grey, is required.
For example, if a darker color is wanted, the home won’t be solid like a printed surface.
As a rule for every 94 bound bag of color, 2 pounds of pigment are added,
However, when adding 5 to 10 pounds of pigment, expect a certain degree of color variations. Some folks request variations in colors. Some don’t.

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