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Lime finish over a structo-lite base-coat over interior fireplace










Lime finish over a structo-lite base-coat on an interior fireplace.
Diamond finish over a structo lite base-coat on a fireplace.
We applied this veneer lime finish plaster over a Structo-lite base-coat over what used to be a brick fireplace earlier on this day. If interested in what it used to look like, see the video below. Structo Lite over a brick fireplace area.

“Diamond plaster,” for that finish coat has no sand, thus can be troweled relatively smooth. Diamond is USG’s name for lime plaster.
You have a rock-like monolithic surface on your wall when this lime sets. Its also moister resistant with fire and soundproof abilities and resistant to mold and or fungus, plus many more advantages.
Such as being exceptionally durable and strong.
Unlike gypsums taping mud or accelerated gypsums called joint compounds, lime is so strong that it cant be sanded, nor can thumbtacks go through it.
Structo-Lite plastering over a brick or cinder block fireplace, structo-lite is for interiors.

Hello folks, I’m explaining what veneer Lime plastering is, plus showing how to apply it in this video.

Mechanical bonding methods and why.
Lime finishes and or all others adhere to lime base-coat by suction are technically called a mechanical bond.
This is the absolute strongest bond known to man.
This is achieved by misting or wetting the base-coat then spreading the new wet finish over the existing.
Thus the new wet plaster adheres to the porous base-coat forever by suction.
They sort of weld themselves together and forever.
So, if you already have a plaster base coat, rolling or painting another bonding agent coat is unnecessary.😉

Why is it called Veneer lime plastering?
The word “veneer” has nothing to do with minerals but is more a process or application. It simply means a thin application.

In everyday language, limestone is heated in Kilns to about 1600 degrees.
It becomes either lime putty, slaked lime, or powder depending on how it’s processed.
When water is again added than mixed, it becomes limestone once more.

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