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Diasen plaster is a new green, environmentally friendly hydraulic lime stucco










Diasen plaster is a new green, environmentally friendly hydraulic lime stucco.

I wanted a dash finish without throwing or spraying it on in this video, so I used Diasen Plaster.

This Diasen plaster is a new green, environmentally friendly hydraulic lime stucco. It was developed in the UK.

Their technology is far superior to the USA. After all, they have been using Lime plastering for over ten thousand years; here in the USA, about 200 years. Diathonite Evolution by Diasen Diathonite Evolution – Thermal Plaster premixed plaster for thermal insulation

Since about 1840, when Portland cement was discovered in England with all lime plasters, they found that adding portland cement to lime would harden it much quicker.
Can I add portland to this plaster and stucco house? Sure, (I) could because I understand what lime and portland cement do when combined?

As a so-called disclaimer to things I show and explain in some videos, you guys do what the bags or cans specifically say they are engineered to do. (disclaimer stuff)
Thus I Diathonite Evolution is a premixed plaster for thermal insulation. It is eco-friendly, natural, cork, clay, and pure natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5. Diathonite Evolution is used for the thermal insulation of exterior walls. Diasen Diathonite Evolution; its insulating plasters are eco-friendly.
A little about their ingredients are pure hydraulic lime NHL 3.5. plaster, cork, Diatomaceous earth, or “DE” for short.

DE is made up of tiny fossilized diatoms (plankton) accumulated over millennia in freshwater lakes.

Diatomaceous earth also has natural hydraulic lime NHL5, perlite, pumice stone, siliceous filler, and fibers.

All of these additives are super lightweight with exciting characteristics and uses around the world.

Diasen is composed of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5. The product is antibacterial and prevents the development of molds and condensation. Who doesn’t find this fascinating?
Diathonite Thermactive.037 is the most innovative thermal insulation plaster available nowadays: it is a 100% ecological material made of Mediterranean raw materials.

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