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Drywall and sheetrock joint compound, Joint compound, not Ganja!










Drywall and sheetrock joint compound, Joint compound, not Ganja!

I’ll tell you, folks, what goes on in my mind sometimes when I’m showing while explaining stuff.
Now granted, I’m plastering, but I can visualize myself sitting in a chair watching myself, my subconscious, taunting and laughing, saying things like, “man,” you keep on rambling about stuff that doesn’t amount to nothing. Someday you will pay the price for your arrogance.
The mud will set so hard, you won’t be able to apply it, dumb ass.
But on a conscious level, I’m working and find myself talking back to my subconscious, saying goofy shit like, piss-off, try setting on me.
I’m a lion tamer, but instead of a whip and chair, I use a hawk and trowel to conquer any and all mud.
There’s no mud, no matter the set time, that can touch me!
So what if I have to use muscle, no worries, I have it in storage, just begging and waiting to be called on. Try setting, make my day!
Am I the only one who thinks of goofy shit like this whole working?

I’m walking the plank in this video, have to mind my step while patching this simple ceiling repair. I suppose it would add more excitement to my life if it were just a two by fore I was working off.😏

Okay, back on topic, just what is drywall or sheetrock compounds? How do you apply drywall joint compounds?

Below is a bit more info on Gypsum Joint or drywall Compounds. Is there a difference between drywall and sheetrock joint compounds?
No, drywall and sheetrock are the same things.
The joint compounds are all similarly made.

FYI, most folks don’t realize, or no doubt care, that joint compounds are just taping mud with accelerators added. That’s all it is.
You can patch in a large hole for small holes with it. How they can create these compounds to set in whatever time the bags say is truly a mystery to me and can stay this way as, after all, Ole Kirk is an applicator, not an engineer.

The mud I’m using in this video is a Gypsum Joint Compound.
So yes, it can be sanded if you are not an expert.
Personally, I have never had to sand either product, but I have lots of time in and love this craft.

The choice of USG Easy Sand & Westpac joint compound is very similar in nature or manufacturing, so close in fact, I can’t tell the difference, as I said above. I’m an applicator, not an engineer.
Home Depot or Lowes or any of your nearby hardware stores will have either Westpac’s Fast Set or USG’s, Easy Sand Joint Compound.

You buy the bags depending on your skill level.
From, 20-minute compounds, means when mixed, you have 20 minutes to apply before it sets.
   The 40-minute compound, 40 minutes to apply, and so on, from 5-minutes to 20, 40, 60, 90, to an hour and a half.
All you do is add water.
FYI, if your buckets and drill paddles are dirty or full of residues due to not cleaning well last time you used them, this will set the mud much faster; always wash your tools. 

Click on this video and skip forward to 3 minutes for pictures and details.

      USG’s, Easy Sand Joint Compound, Or Westpac’s Fast Set Joint Compound is both okay to use. In fact, I can’t tell the difference.
Undoubtedly one is sold at your neighborhood hardware store.
In this video, joint Compounds, Westpac Fast Set, or USG Easy Sand: 2:26 I show the two types of gypsums, Westpac and easy sand. 
There are many more manufacturers, but you get the point.

As for sanding sucks, the stuff goes into our eye’s mouth unless covered like asbestos workers. A guy commented he used a wet T-shirt to smooth in edges. This is huge; what works even better is an old damp fluffy bath towel folded neatly in a square and gone over the patch edges gently and in circles. This makes the joints invisible. My website and contact information Jason’s Website

Hello friends, my son and I have unconsciously created the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Stucco and Plastering videos ever produced online globally for your inspiration, entertainment, and education. Thus, bringing peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering.

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