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Drywall differences, green and blue board sheetrock for plastering










Drywall differences, green and blue board sheetrock for interior plastering.

Many folks refer to sheetrock, as drywall, plaster board, gypsum board it all basically the same stuff just a different name. The green and purple board are more fro moisture and mold resistances, the blue board are specifically engineered for veneer plaster such as a imperial base coat plaster which don’t need glueing or bonding agents.
I apply a bonding agent over all boards except for the blue board.

In this video I give some basic tips on the many gypsum boards I have encountered in the last 30 years, This is my opinion, you folks of course use whatever board and mud you prefer.

As far as most’staping muds are concerned, I rarely use taping mud’s as they are usually a typical three day systems. you apply the first coat, wait 24 hours, then repeat two more times, then you sand the walls, which makes a big mess, plasters and or compounds are much faster but takes more experience with no sanding.

But on the other hand, taping mud is great for home owner doing a complete home or even just a room where you will be working for more than a day anyway and wish to get it done as cost effectively as possible.

There and many choices for quick touch ups, what I explain here is just the tip of the iceberg.

In many of my video’s I use drywall compounds as they dry within minutes and you can apply your next coat giving the ability to same day base coat and finish.

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Drywall differences, green and blue board sheetrock for interior plastering

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