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Re-stucco a newly installed exterior electrical box or panel










Re-stucco a newly installed exterior electrical box or panel

Hello, all you homeowners who have contractors come to your home and upgrade your electrical panel or hire electrical contractors to upgrade your electrical panels with a step-by-step stucco process.

It’s important to understand that one must flash the bottom than the side before a new electrical panel or a window. So now the electrical panel or window can be installed with a much better water-tight seal.

If your contractor, handyman, or handywoman fails to break out properly or attach the panel without the paper or moister barrier, this video is for you.
Many guys may install an electrical panel but do not understand the importance of waterproofing.
They have no clue as to when it rains for days, let alone weeks the rain can get on their wires!
Thus, ask them before they start if they know how to install an electric meter and can they amount it properly, so you don’t get an electrical fire when it rains.

If they don’t call PG&E to install it correctly.

Since I benefited from seeing the studs, we were able to break out properly and sister some studs next to the mounting studs to break out on something secure and solid and not the field between the studs.

Since this panel was installed improperly, it required a special peel and stick membrane.
Hopefully, your contractor won’t do this to you.
This video also explains how to apply the stucco with a texture to match the existing texture.
This, for us, is just another day at the office.

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