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Repair a peeling stucco color finish with acrylic stucco, Stucco explorations.










Repair a peeling stucco color finish with acrylic stucco, Stucco explorations.
You can’t repair stucco unless you know what’s wrong.

Hello, my friends. This video explains Plaster explorations and stucco finish repairs; you can’t repair stucco unless you know what’s wrong.

Click on this link to see how we fixed this wall,

Exploring peeling or separating stucco is different. Separating stucco usually means the base coat separates from the wall, usually the older wood-based cedar lath used from 1890 to about 1930.
While pealing stucco usually means the bond or adhesion wasn’t done up to specifications, this can happen for too many reasons to list here.

I had to explore this wall to develop a cost and a realistic fix.
I’m pretty good at just looking at a wall to understand what was already done and why and come up with a time, give or take a few years when the previous work was completed.
Exploration is necessary so that the cost and repair are accurate.
In this video, since I opened the wall, it only makes sense I also do the repair of my expiration patch. “in case the homeowner wants another company to do the work.”

With almost all our videos, the title is the tip of the iceberg. However, the video content explains what one needs to understand the process in great detail. stucco-like the professionals for DIYers. Stucco to Improve the block wall. Stucco over brick walls or brick resurfacing. Stucco secrets both coat same time. plastering secrets lime is healthy, Rats. Stucco any wood house globally. Stucco, I’ve had my share, I’ve stuccoed. failures in stucco patching, sh!t happens.

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