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facts about Cracking in a stucco walls, reasons why stucco cracks










facts about Cracking in a stucco walls, read below for more reasons.
reasons why stucco cracks

Hello everyone, in this video I am sharing some other reasons on what causes cracks in new and or existing stucco or plaster walls.
Most common, settling if it’s a newly built home, within two months.
It could also be that the plywood and the studs are heating expanding and or twisting.
In hot areas the wall can get to 140 degree’s if the plywood is not gaped for the expansion the heat will expand the wood thereby expanding the stucco, This action can’t be measured by eye, but stucco, and concrete are sort of like glass, they may flex a tiny bit but to much flex they both crack.
To eliminate this theory, look at the sides that rarely get lots of heat and or the all day sunshine to see if this is going on the shady sides as well.
Also did they take the stucco to the ground?
The weep screed should not be buried or embedded by concrete walkways and or driveways.
If you have have heavy windows or doors that when they shut can create vibrations?
A home built on a hill, with lots of heavy traffic.
If it get real hot then get cold at night. Serious temperature changes.
If it’s really hot say 105 degree’s outside does your air conditioner stay on?
Cracks in your foundation clear indication the home is settling, or shifting.
These are the tip of the iceberg of situations that can contribute, plus your contractor might have missed stapling the lath into the studs or could have used short staples.

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reasons why stucco cracks
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