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Fat and ugly plastering #construction #stuccorepair #plasterwork










Fat and ugly plastering #construction #stuccorepair #plasterwork.
Howdy, all the term “fat and ugly” is not trying to be funny.
But serious for the me, the Darby man.
If the mud is thin, that makes moving tons of “Stucco” all day hard and tiring work.
As usually thinly applied stucco will dry out faster and need many areas to still be mudded over as they may be hollow, that excess task would now need to be done by me, the darby man.
I’m the last guy to make the walls true and or plumb.
However, if the mud is fat, that means that I, as the stick man or some call the darby man, can easily move it. Anyway, I choose with skill rather than muscle.
I used to darby behind a Tommy gun, (pump) for years.

FYI, this is Jason’s job; Carl, Jason, and I are all applying both coats at the same time or back to back.
The back-to-back system is stronger than the typical scatch one day and then return later for the second coat.

Dan agreed to help my brother Luuuu with hod-carrying as this project was down many stairs and slopes, thus my brother Lu, could not keep up with the tons being applied. No one Hod-Carrier could.
As a family of plasterers, we all take part in plastering or Hod-Carrying.
For example, there are days when I feel like being the Plaster-Tender or
Hod-Carrier, thus I do that instead of plastering.

Naturally, Jason, put down his hawk and trowel to film this short video clip.

Folks, we make these videos to show those who may want to hire us that, indeed, we do know what we are doing, so much as to be transparent in the applications Via “YouTube.”
Thus, all can depend on us for sound advice and workmanship. Straw Bale Stucco Construction tips. Interior Plaster one coat game changer? Repair concrete and stucco foundation. Resurface uneven concrete with stucco.

Friends, we are located in Oakland, CA.

Here are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
Live long and plaster hats, shirts, and other cool stuff.
Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.

Send pictures to Jay or myself at our sites below for immediate bids. Kirk’s website. Jason’s Website.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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