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Fix an Ugly Rough Concrete Foundation










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Fix an Ugly Rough Concrete Foundation.
Fix an ugly or eyesore of a Concrete Foundation in less than an hour.
If you folks have ever removed, for example, a planter box, retainer wall, bushes, steps, or whatever and saw that there was some missing stucco.
Or what some might call an eyesore as the existing concrete has a lot of excess cement or stucco that is just plain ugly or missing.
This video is for you.

Whether it’s a half-inch thick to 6 inches thick, it can be refilled with some stucco knowledge and the use of accelerators on the same day.
This type of work requires a clean surface, a bonding agent, portland cement plaster mixed with sand, and if you want to complete it on the same day, a product like Luminite is used as an accelerator.

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