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Fix or repair blown in insulation holes with stucco










Fix or repair blown-in insulation holes with stucco.

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Howdy, folks. In this video, we explain some simple techniques to take when insulation is blown into your stucco walls.
The average stucco home usually requires about a hundred holes to fill the voids between the studs.

Here’s how to find an insulation company.

Number one, google or yelp insulation companies in my area.
Find a company you trust that will not only drill the holes but also plug or seal them with cork or a comparable.
Then fuse that membrane to the hole or existing stucco and fuse or seal them with a quality type of polyurethane caulkings, like Sika-flex.

Naturally, You’re better off finding a company that can also blow in the insulations at key areas, plug and repair the wall membrane, and match your stucco finish and/or texture.

Suppose you’re like our homeowner in this video and are not completely satisfied with the stucco texture. In that case, you will need to find a plastering contractor like yours who is truly good at the necessary prep work and matching existing textures.

After you have the insulation pumped in your walls and then repaired or re-stuccoed.
It’s time to pressure wash your walls, then apply a primer and paint as an additional sealant. Remember to caulk all the cracks before painting.

The video below explains how to fill the cracks before your stucco home’s final painting.
It’s all you need to know and the best on caulking cracks; how do I know?
I created it for this purpose.
Structural or large cracking on stucco walls, no problem.
Mor-Flexx has stucco sand in every tube.
This is why it matches the stucco finishes so well.

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Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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