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stucco missing at the bottom of my stucco walls caused by ground settling










stucco missing at the bottom of my stucco walls caused by ground settling

foundation repairs with stucco and or cement plaster

Hello ambitious guys and gals interested in learning how to do it yourself, now possibly you can.
How? Watch this video explain. We show and explain how to repair a foundation with stucco and cement plaster; the idea is to make it look good again, so it’s not such an eyesore.

I detail tools and their use, plus explain and show a variety of helpful plastering tips.
With a small bit of attention, you can and will save cash, create a sense of euphoria and sleep well knowing, no problemo, I did this repair myself.
Save cash, great workout, sense of accomplishment, what more in life does a righteous person desire?

Old Kirk says material knowledge is 70% of being a well-rounded plasterer,
The other 30% is application.

FYI ground settling is as natural as white on rice.
Perhaps this example will provide an easier way of understanding what I’m referring to.
When I was an apprentice working for big plastering firms, the company I worked for way back then was hired to stucco a new theater in Blackhawk.
I was working on this gun crew that blew the stucco onto the walls of this large movie theater. As usual, we stopped the stucco at the ground.
Jump ahead in time to 35 years later, and I am now a plastering contractor, I get a call from a general contractor saying the bottoms of this same movie theater seam that it has icicles about a six-inches to a foot pointing outward horizontally six inches to a foot above the ground.
Man, did I get a kick out of this when he explained? I thought, what are the odds? I would get this call 35 years later after growing up and having my own plastering company.

I point this out to our sub-subscribers and to all who find themselves on this channel for whatever reason, as what we’re doing is common and not that costly and I show and explain how you too can do it for the cost of materials.
I changed 300 bucks to remove this eyesore.
In all actuality, I would have charged a bit more, but my desire to inform others of things they may be losing sleep over is greater than my desire to search for another man’s gold.😉

We are teaching the world how to plaster one video at a time.
Howdy ambitious subscribers, we are sharing some learned knowledge about stucco missing at the bottom of my stucco walls caused by ground settling.

FYI, folks’ ground settling is normal.
However, it does give the impression that stucco is missing at the bottom of the house instead of the fact that the ground is compacting.

Together, my son and I have unconsciously created the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Stucco and Plastering videos ever produced online globally for your inspiration, entertainment, and education. We wish to bring peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering. My website and contact information Jason’s Website

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Thanks for watching, and have a great day!

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