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Hey Kirk Giordano plastering and Jay, Where have you been, Update on Jay’s being hit by a car










Hey Kirk Giordano plastering and Jay, Where have you been? Update on Jay’s being hit by a car.

Hi, all Jason was riding his scooter home as he believes in less traffic, cleaner air, and all that save the world jazz. When this so-called person hit him hard.
I say-so called as even after they ran over the scooter, a normal driver would stop to help one they just hit.

An SUV car vs. a scooter? Who will get hurt?

Howdy all, ole, Kirk has been working but has no idea how to film; Jay does all that stuff.
As he said, he got kind of run over or beat up. That’s an understatement.
Jay’s skull alone had like 30 steal staples as his skull was dented in; it still is unless he wants to get the surgery done to fix it. He doesn’t, nor would I.
Way too much pain involved, and who wants to have their skull cut open twice?
The car hit him so fast and hard that it knocked him 20 feet away and into or under another parked car.
That’s the tip of the iceberg of his injuries. Jay’s being modest.

That is the first time I have used the word, modest, although I have heard it a few times when folks watch, stop, and watch what we’re doing; some compliment us.
If it’s directed at me, I say it’s another day at the office for us.
Then Jay says, my dad’s, just modest.
The last time he said this, I googled the word modest and thought, Oooh, that’s what that word means.
Fortunately, Folks don’t watch what we do for my understanding of words but, instead, because we explain in ways that even my dear old granddad can.
So the fact I’m unedumacated in the English language is not important. What Is important is that I’ve always found stucco and plastering interesting as hell, so my understanding of It is above normal.

Anyway, for those who said, hey Kirk, you retired? No.
I’m old as the hills but still in my prime.

Here’s an old saying to lighten the mood of injuries.
What do you tell a guy with two black eyes? Nothing he’s already been told twice.

While Jay explained what happened to himself, we were making a video in the middle of this one.

Thank you to all our subscribers who knew of the situation and wished him well.

Our unique tip for our subscribers with a question or concern, type your question into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website.

Thank you all for the concern; wishing all a beautiful day.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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