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Lime plastering, Eco lime plastering, Tadelakt lime plastering










Lime plastering, Eco lime plastering, Tadelakt lime plastering, all simular just different names.

how to apply eco lime stucco Lime is healthy, lime is life

Howdy folks, For the past week, we had the pleasure of working on this custom shower/ steam room with (Cy, the owner of Eco stucco) as well as the homeowners.

Depending on whom you talk to or what Google says online, many different prep work methods can vary from when we did this video.

Jason and I show you step-by-step mixing and applying a few tips for using this Eco stucco LIME system.

We also recommend that you follow all the instructions on each bag as this was our first time applying this product. (Although I have used many other lime products) Again, please read all the instructions yourself, so there’s no guesswork no matter what plaster material you are using.

At the start of this project, Cy recommends a coat of Poly bond to embed the fiber mesh tape on all seams of the Wonder Board. (Under the tape as well as over it) after our coat of Poly Bond was cured, we returned the next day to apply the thin-set Mortar! Although he does not sell the poly bond or the thin-set, CY recommends this.

I have witnessed many folks applying both these base coats in different orders and some not using either, so (Again) I recommend a person research and decide for themself what prep work they wish on whatever backing they use, as old Kirk is an applicator, not an engineer.
Finally, we were ready for the lime plaster finish system.

Jason mixed, and I applied a base coat of DECOLIME plaster.

(It really helps to have an expert at mixing who takes the time out to read and understand each product.)
After the DECOLIME set, we returned and handed applied the last 2 final coats Of MURALIME. After the 2 coats of MURALIME had a chance to set, I used a hard plastic trowel to buff, polish, and create some highlands. Lastly, we applied the Natural black soap sealer over the entire lime plaster finish.
If you wish
to understand the technical stuff of why it’s resistant to mold & mildew or why it’s nontoxic and ecologically friendly, please go to Cy’s websites below.

He also has a typical warehouse/showroom in San Rafael for you to view at least 20 different walls with all sorts of lime finishes with different textures ranging from very smooth with a look of marble to a bit rougher. You can, of course, purchase all the materials necessary for all his Lime products (even the tools), plus see colors for help in decision making.
www.:// or
Correctly applied lime plaster creates a natural air condition system in your bathroom, kitchen, and, in my case, attic bedroom.
The lime can absorb all moisture and then release it when dryer conditions, hydration, and dehydration occur.
Actual Lime plastering prevents mold and fungi from occurring as its alkaline. Lime is a necessary mineral. Limes positive effect on the human body can’t be expressed or measured. Lime plaster absorbs many airborne toxins, which is good for human health.

Cy is the messenger or the businessman bringing this lime into the U.S. you either order from Europe online or purchase from his main office. I drive an hour to his warehouse myself.

Other good minerals, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Himalayan salt, yea, I’m talking about the natural salt that has 87 minerals, not table salt, which, well, I won’t go there.

Lastly, unfortunately, Real Lime plaster ain’t cheap, why most of my customers are hotels.
We’re bringing peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a great day!

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