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Weld Crete or a similar bonding agent are necessary if you’re re-finish over a painted stucco










Weld Crete or a similar bonding agent are necessary if you’re re-finish over a painted stucco.
Note Home Depot, and Lowes also sells Quikrete bonding agent, which works well for adhering stucco finishes to painted surfaces and has other purposes.

Howdy ambitious subscribers, we’re sharing some learned knowledge about how and why to apply a Weld-Crete bonding agent or liquid lath before a new stucco finishing.

One must apply a bonding agent to any painted stucco for a new stucco finish to adhere.
Apply the finish to the wall never in the mix, even if you have a white bonding agent and the can or bottles say’s you can. But, again, you’re misreading it, never add a bonding agent to a mixer full of finished coat materials, or the mix will dilute the bonding agent to uselessness.

It’s sad. I’ve had at least 50 people call me in the last 40 years and say the folks I hired applied the new finish did so. It all came off. Can you tell me why?
Don’t be a victim to not understanding bonding agents.
In fact, Sika says you can add their admixture instead of water for mixing tile grout to give the grout more stick em to attach to glassy surfaces.
This is true but has nothing to do with stucco!

Don’t be confused thinking I’ll save time and labor by not rolling out the house with a bonding agent. You must roll out the house after its pressure is washed well.

Note folks, it’s faster to roll it on than try and spay it on.

Too much covering. Use the fattest nap roller you can buy. Usually, an inch and a half save a ton of time.

Don’t worry about it being solid in color. In fact, if it is to plaster over it, it would be too heavy, and the new finish will spider crack.

Just roll it on ugly as sin. The important part is to not miss any areas.
Too heavy or too blue, you may have issues.

See this video to learn a fact the easy way instead of losing your ass off in cost as you didn’t know. This video is our gift to all. a law or great truth about bonding agents.

Folks, part of who I am is to educate and teach the lessons I learned from 40 years in the plastering trade which I love doing. I don’t wish to inform homeowners of cruel facts that destroy their beliefs in intelligent plastering contractors. Instead, I’m here to share facts with all who want sound advice, and it’s free.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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