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How to break out Stucco for New Window installation in a Stucco stud wall fast and easy










Is a City permit needed to change windows? If you are planning to change a header, probably.
At least most cities say so. If not, as a rule, no city permits are needed for replacing windows.
If you do have a permit and want to pass a city lath inspection, here’s the method to pass that inspection if you have a home built before 1980, which has no plywood backing.

FYI, when breaking out stucco on a home with no sheer wall or plywood, it’s ten times as difficult and sucks 20 times more than breaking out a home that does indeed have a solid backing.
Homes with solid backing such as plywood became normal or coded around 1980 Yea.
However, millions of homes worldwide have solid backings, too, because many had wood siding, cladding, or substrates to begin with.
Now you know.

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More break-out videos are below. It’s a drag, but you save some big dough if you do it. break out stucco on a stud wall. Install lath window in a concrete foundation. Replace a window in a stucco wall. Break out and Lath a Hole in a Wall where an Air Conditioner was removed.

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How to break out Stucco for New Window installation in a Stucco stud wall fast and easy.
Stud Stucco homes and breaking out of that stucco.
It sucks and is one of the biggest drags in the stucco industry, but someone got to do it.😉
Tips for breaking out stucco.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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