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How to Install Stucco, Popular Video of installing stucco to ceiling










How to Install Stucco, Popular Video of installing stucco to ceiling

Hello ambitious guys and gals, who wish to learn How to Install Stucco, this Popular Video of installing stucco to a ceiling are used by us professional stucco and plastering contractors.
I explain plastering industry standards of having the drag of actually removing the loss stucco then show while explaining how to install stucco back to original form’

With a bit of attention, interest and incentives you too can connect the dots in understanding the basic principles and techniques of installing stucco and or plaster and realizing what extremely simple methods are available for you to use, this know how can be used to save you some real cash.
if you do the work yourself your physical efforts will help create a sense of euphoria which provides a peaceful nights sleep knowing, “Yeah Baby” I did these simple repairs myself.
What more does a righteous person desire? Surly the thought of sitting under a coconut tree in the Bahamas
with your feet in warm sand while drinking margaritas served from pretty senorita more relaxing than the rush of knowing how to install stucco 🙂

FYI stucco will have the tendency to loosen or fail by 2 main reasons, first, water infiltration form above like a leaky roof or number 2 vibrations over many decades, especially if you have a heavy front door or worse yet a swinging chair or couch, this movement loosen up a plaster ceiling quickly as the swinging motion, pulls down on the studs then moves them gently, the result are similar to what you see in this video.

Old Kirk says, material knowledge is 70% of being a well rounded stucco guy,
The other 30% is application.

Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.

East Bay Stucco & Plastering Contractor

Simple plastering principles and techniques
How to Install Stucco, Popular Video of installing stucco to ceiling
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