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How to make an old house look modern on the outside










How to make an old house look modern on the outside.

Note; when dried, the right side is this color by La Habra, Siler Grey.
Jason’s camera overheated and quit filming; thus, it was not included when we spread the top walls.
We overheated but kept on applying.🥵
It’s short and to the point; as many say, our 1,000 videos are always too long.
Folks, If you enjoy this one, my son Jason says he can set up the camera again and set the speed slower if any wish to see an average 8-hour day of plastering in ten minutes.🍾
We now know not to leave the camera in the sun on hot days.

If you want to change an old, outdated, or beat-up look on your wood and stucco house, this video shows how to use some of your saved cash in a bank.
Thus you too can Change my wood house to stucco.

There are no rules or limitations, except perhaps not knowing how to do this. This video is just the tip of the iceberg in some minor adjustments that can create a cool or modern look for your house.

This home had vertical wood siding in the front above the belly band,
Although that wood showed no signs of rot, it was old and weathered because of 70 years of painting with pealing and accumulations.

My sons and I attached paper and wire over that wood siding
that had seen better days. Then we attached two layers of paper to waterproof and the stucco netting necessary to apply the stucco.

Then we applied the stucco base coat over the now lathed wood surface. This was allowed to cure.
A separate detailed video is coming soon as to how this is done.

We next pressure-washed the home with 3,500 psi to remove dust, dirt, grime, etc. This etch makes the wall’s surface accept a bonding agent. When done properly, the new stucco finish last indefinitely.

We then hand-applied a new cementitious maintenance-free stucco color with a smoother modern texture.
When this is done, the body of the home never again needs painting. Ever.

Still confused? Let’s take a brick, for example.
Bricks also hold their color permanently; why?
Like cement stucco, Brick has integrated colors.

When wet, bricks and cement stuccos darken, but when dryer conditions return, Viola resorts to the normal color forever.

You might ponder the question, how can one tell if your home already has a maintenance-free stucco finish?
The few times I’m unsure, I wet my finger with spit and dab the wall.
If it darkens, it’s colored porous stucco.
You can be more civilized and less neanderthal than you truly, are and take your garden hose and spray the wall.

A few more examples are below for every circumstance. Enjoy. Integrated stucco color finishes, moss. New smooth stucco over rough stucco. Updating stucco before and after. Heavy or rough stucco made smooth. Spreading a Skip trowel texture with the base coat.

Folks often comment that this work is too hard and or dirty.
Yes, we or any of you can perform the rough, hard, dirty, dusty, and sometimes dangerous work of the world as it’s easier with the right mindset.
What is the right mindset?
Habit, what habit?
The habit of training our minds and thinking, wow, I’m getting paid to work out and play outside, or with other similar positive thoughts. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website or contact info.

Thank you all for watching. For those who say, I didn’t know this was an option, now you know.
Have a wonderful and exciting day!

Picture of Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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