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repair a large plaster ceiling, ceiling failing remove re-plaster










repair a large plaster ceiling, ceiling failing remove re-plaster
Plaster ceiling failing remove it before it falls apply new interior plaster.
FYI, folks, don’t wait until it falls, as it might do some severe damage to someone.

Removing a complete loose plaster ceiling reinforce with rib lath then repair with joint compounds
interior ceiling separating failures.

We were called in to remove part of this failing plaster or buckling plaster ceiling as gravity had its way with it. We got more than we bargained for on this repair.
We didn’t plan on removing the entire ceiling. However, when it got next to the light, we had no choice but to remove that fixture, blam, the whole roof fell as it was supported by just the light fixture. Yes, it fell on us.

Someone down the line did an incredibly foolish fix or repair.
They applied a bonding agent and another coat of plaster to stop the falling plaster.
It had the opposite effect because of this thing called “gravity and vibrations.

This made 2 inches of plaster dangerous.
The young babies in the living room when I first stopped by there were in danger and their parents.

This plaster did fall on us. However, we were strong men.
Folks, if you have a ceiling failing or separating, do your family and yourself a kindness, tear it off and apply either sheetrock or plaster it as we stapled our new metal lath into the ceiling joist, no matter if someone in the attic is doing jumping jacks it cant, fail or collapse.
As it was, the fella who simply added more weight to a separating plaster ceiling could have committed a foolish thing had this fallen on their babies or themselves.

I point this out as there are correct repairs and so-called foolish repairs that do more damage than good.

With this ceiling, we try and show and explain in less than 20 minutes what it took the three of us eight solid hours to accomplish by removing and applying a new interior plaster ceiling.

Keep in mind plastering ceiling is just like plastering walls, except your plastering overhead. That’s why it’s called Mastering Plastering.

Interior Lime finishes over sheetrock lime plastering kitchens. white lime plastering, veneer plastering. Oak hills structo-lite base-coat, over old wood lath.

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