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Applying a bonding agent before a stucco Color Coat. Why? Stucco finish needs to adhere permanently










Applying a bonding agent before a stucco Color Coat. Why? Stucco finish needs to adhere permanently.

Applying a bonding agent before a Color Coat.
How to apply a bonding agent for prepping walls for a stucco finish.
prep your stucco walls for a stucco finish, bonding agent, with liquid lath
We’re rolling and painting on Larsen’s bonding agent, “Weld Crete.”

Hi Guys, in this video, I explain step by step some stucco bonding agent tips as to why a bonding agent should be applied over a painted stucco surface and not simply poured into the mixer.

We want it to adhere permanently when applying a color coat stucco finish. In This video, my son Jason reminds me to explain why I dilute the bonding agent.

Please note this is how I do (my) bonding agents. Although, of course, sometimes, I double it when I go certain stucco to concrete, that’s another story.
You folks are free to do it however you wish.
Lastly, it does not have to be pretty, thus don’t go too thick. Perhaps if you are going to do this, you should watch this video below about what happens if your bonding agent is too thick or too thin?
The results are not pretty, but I would not want you to make a mistake. Thus, Jason and I created a sample board and applied the glue /bonding agent to prove a point that words alone cannot achieve. a law or great truth about bonding agents.

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Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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