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Stucco or mortar mixers maintenance tips, How to fix or repair your stucco mixer










How to repair plaster and or stucco mixers and or machines
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Stucco or mortar mixers maintenance tips.
How to fix or repair your stucco mixer.
Stucco or mortar mixers maintenance tips.

If you’re on a job site, it’s good to know how your mixer runs as they fail.
The number one issue is the shear pin breaks.
This is good when that happens, as that tells the Hod-carrier there is too much cement in the mixer and not enough water.
Thus the shear pin will break instead of the engine blowing up or failing.
The next thing that happens is the blades were down with lots of use; this is about a two-hour repair.
What I’m doing in the repair is a bit complicated, So I left the name and number for Bay Equipment below as this is their specialty for those who don’t want to try and correct this kind of issue.
We check the oil once a month to make certain it’s full.
Other than that, you should have years of trouble-free mixing. We do, but when there are problems, It’s best to be familiar with fixing them.

We explained how to fix an Essex, Whiteman, Stow, these stucco mixers that are all similar.
Usually, they have a 12-horsepower Honda engine.

Howdy, guys. This video explains the simplest ways to keep your mortar mixer running well.
Of course, this kind of monthly chore is necessary if you want your machines to work well.

I usually call Bay Equipment located in Fremont at 4442221 south grimmer Blvd. If I need any parts or advice or something I can’t fix, they can.
They are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely competent.
They can fix any plaster, mortar, cement mixer, or pump.
Their number is 510 266-8800.
Basic maintenance for mortar mixer. MQ, Whiteman, Stow, or Essick
How to fix a multip plastering mortar mixer. Whiteman, Stow, or Essick.

Our unique tip for all subscribers with a question or concern, type your question into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website.
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Stucco or mortar mixers maintenance tips.
How to fix or repair your stucco mixer.

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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