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How to shoot a fog coat over an existing colored stucco finish










How to shoot a fog coat over an existing colored stucco finish

Howdy guys and gals, I have had many e-mails asking how to apply a fog coat, so I promised I would show how I do it in this easy to understand step by step video, For you folks who like to do it yourselves.Fog coating is mainly used on say large wall where lots of fellas are spreading color finishes on different levels, many times the scaffold joints will show. (Different suctions on the wall), weather, heat, and especially water play an important part in color uniformity, not to mention many guys simply working and not paying attention to teamwork.
The other time is for a similar purpose, say for example a wall was too wet in certain areas and really dry in others and the person in charge did not mist is uniformly, nor did he understand all the natural effects in play.
(Happens to all plastering fellas a time or two before learning begins))
The main method of application when fog coating is, spray a maximum of two or possible three separate fog coats as this is usually the most a wall can absorb of colored stucco water, or you may get a powdery residue. If you spray one fat coat a powdery residue will often remain also. What’s the big deal about this remaining residue?
You can use you hand to swipe it or the first rain can easily wash it off. These instructions are just the tip of the iceberg as far as knowing how to fog coat. There is still much to know, not mentioned here.
Anybody that wises to learn how to do anything with stucco e-mails me and when the opportunity arises I will do it as for your benefits or explanation purposes. Plus it gives me something to do.

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How to shoot a fog coat over an existing colored stucco finish

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