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How To Stucco Holes Fast and Easy in One Hour










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How To Stucco Holes Fast and Easy in One Hour.
We, the Giordano Plastering family, wish all folks around the world a Happy New Year in 2022, bursting with exciting opportunities. And remember, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door! Or better yet, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it halfway!” Cheers,🥂💃🕺🏻

I am straining my arse off in this video. Jason mixed as requested, as I asked for quick drying stucco. LOL

I said our new truck is a piece of shit in this video.
My last one was also a Ford as they built, in my humble opinion, the best work trucks.
However, our last truck had three times the box space and an eleven-foot bed. My son Jason customized a rack that was 22 feet long, which held any tool a professional plasterer would ever need. It was perfect for us plasterers who rely on specialty tools. No doubt we’ll adapt to this new truck. Hell, on the bright side, this one has a radio that works. What’s a country.🍾

There was no reason to place horizontal scratch marks in the first coat as I skimmed the wall in its’ entirety.
Scratch marks are necessary if you plan to come back another day to apply the second coat.
Ole, Kirk is too far advanced or beyond that DIY stage.

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