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Big Veneer Plaster Job, Plaster base, and finish coats over drywall.










Big Veneer Plaster Job, Plaster base, and finish coats over drywall.
Lime plaster base and finish coats over drywall, much stronger than compounds or taping muds.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, In this video, we are finishing sheetrock with lime plaster base and finish coat; no material can finish off sheetrock faster and with such quality other than the lime plaster two coat system being explained in this video.

I’m also explaining a bit about the color of the drywall boards.

I have said this many times in the past, lime costs more here, so it’s not surprising most bags say gypsum, lime, and other additives; what other additives? No doubt less expensive additives than lime?

We both know the expensive plasters are lime-based. In the UK, they are everywhere, here we buy what’s available.

Diamond Finish is harder than regular gauging and lime putty finish; in my day, it was 1 part gypsum gauging plaster to 2 parts lime; what is it today?

Who really knows? I’m an applicator, not an engineer, with no desire to invest the time to see what new so-called additive has replaced the costly natural lime.

I also use red-top plaster. However, it’s not easily found; Diamond is; personally, I can’t tell the difference when applying either.

Today, the Diamond finishes we applied for when I was an apprentice is still used in schools and hospitals, police stations, racket balls courts, etc.

The residential type of veneer plaster is slightly easier to trowel to a smooth finish and still provides a finished surface much harder than a traditional gypsum board finish.

I’ve always known that Diamond has more lime or “fat.” This excess Lime fat is then used to fill minor blemishes and voids, sometimes called “catfaces.” Unfortunately, I don’t believe Imperial has as much lime as Diamond; thus have not finished with Imperial.
I also apply my share of structo-lite and finish with Diamond, but that’s another story, TMI.
Lastly, I try and go into some detail, but I mainly try to give my opinion of the easiest materials to avoid confusing folks.

As so many email me to say! Hey! I can’t find the “Diamond Lime Plaster,”
Diamond is simply a name like “Imperial” both of these lime plasters are made by USG.
If you can’t find Diamond, so what. Buy another lime plaster.
USG’s calls their Lime plaster “Diamond,” one has to admit it’s a clever name for lime plaster,
Why? Diamonds are minerals composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known. Damned clever lime naming if you asked me?
Google, “Lime Plaster sold in my area,”
FYI, it can be named “XYZ or Blaw, Blaw, Blaw, Lime Plaster,” as long as it’s a “Lime Plaster,” you’re good.

This video goes into details, including showing the bags were spreading and why.
If you’re going to apply any lime plaster over them, a bonding agent is necessary, like quikrete sold at HD or lowes unless it has purple or blue skin.
I apply a lime finish called Diamond made by USG in this video. A diamond veneer plaster takes about a half-hour to set before finishing troweling.

Note: the word veneer just means a thin or skim coat or an application of the lime plaster.
It has nothing to do with the mineral lime. FYI, using lime plaster much faster way to finish off sheetrock than any taping mud.
It’s much stronger and highly resistant to moisture, mildew, and mold.

Mechanical bonding methods and why?
Lime finishes and all others adhere to lime base-coat by suction; this is technically called a mechanical bond.
This is the absolute strongest bond known to man.
This is achieved by misting or wetting the base-coat then spreading the new wet finish over the existing.
Thus the new wet plaster adheres to the porous base-coat forever by suction.
They sort of weld themselves together and forever.

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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