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Insert Window Replacement Installations vs flanged windows










Insert Window Replacement Installations vs flanged windows

Howdy folks in video I am explaining some tips about Insert Window Replacement Installations vs flanged windows.

Installing inset windows are ideal if you don’t want to break out the existing stucco and have the perfect size windows to replace the original windows.

Most folks with single pane winnows want a more energy efficient widow with style, therefore they hire a window replacement company to remove the original then expertly insert the new ones, this is difficult and the waterproofing that is used primarily is usually the best professional grade caulking and or expanding form on the market.

These insert systems do require maintenance which includes priming and paint at least every ten years to preserve the integrity of the waterproofing installations.

Slamming windows closed over a period of years can also lead to the caulking in the corners failing. Funny thing is this sometimes happens in a boys rooms who are between the ages of 10 and 16, boys happen to slam doors and windows shut hard, which can break the seals, how do I know this goofy stuff? I raised 3 and have had them re-walk outside and shut the door properly where the whole house does not vibrate like an earthquake just happened!

The other choice involves a window with a nail on flange that attaches to the wood frame or sheer wall, which requires breaking out the existing stucco.

If the stucco walls are old and the waterproof membrane is old or deteriorating it’s a “tough call” thats better left to the window companies or professionals.

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Insert Window Replacement Installations vs flanged windows
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