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Counter flashing a roof with a Z and 45 Degree flashing










Counter flashing a roof with a Z and 45 Degree flashing.
Installing roof to wall flashing and weep stucco flashing

How to Installing roof to wall flashing then counter-flash with a stucco weep or drip screed flashing

As I’m not a roofer but a plasterer, I went to many stores and then to a roofing company to find this flashing.
Note or tip all homeowners: You should have this flashing preinstalled by professional roofers. a
Just as the roof to the right of this; also.
You should not depend on caulking or tar to stop the rainwater, It will work for about 6 months then fail miserably, and water will enter what every wall is next to that roof,
Step flashing is also needed if you have a roof with shingles. Finally, don’t forget the mighty important top to wall diverter, which removes the bulk of rainwater from pouring down your walls instead of entering your gutters flowing out harmlessly through the downspouts.

As a rule, folks, if you are unable to hire the craftsman necessary to prep your jobs following code regulations, watching videos, and learning how to do it yourself is google’s gift to you.😉

Are you missing the necessary roof flashing for your torch down or shingle roof?
If so, call a roofer before the rainy season.

Let’s take this torch-down roof, for example.

Whoever installed this torch down had no clue of waterproofing, longevity, or the negative impacts of just caulking or applying Henry’s tar at the roof to wall junction. Why is that?
Caulking and tar last roughly a few years to possibly five, and in hot areas, perhaps they melt in less than a year.
This is why metal is used.

This calls for a 4 x 4 slanted flashing before the torch down the roof to be code compliant. Why? Good question, A roof tends to last about 30 years, stucco lasts hundreds, just like concrete. Thus most will replace roofs and, if not appropriately flashed, will have to break out the plaster.
And no one wants to break out stucco, have your flashing already appropriately installed.

With tar or caulking at best, your roof may fail at the roof to wall seam and allow rainwater within the first five years. In time they will leak.
This is why it’s necessary to hire licensed roofers.

Now, if you look at the gable roof above the front porch, it was completed, no doubt, by the same person who did the torch down the roof.
Why do I come to this conclusion? There’s no step flashing or even tar or caulking?????

How can that be waterproofed even though it’s a new roof? It can’t be as is. Step flashing at this point is difficult as the shingles are already in position, and the sealant on the rear of the shingle will now be compromised.
Last tip, folks, if you decide to have your home stuccoed, make all the necessary required adjustments from the craftsman in a particular field, such as a roofer to re-roof or correct what is there.
The same applied to plumbing issues, especially electrical outlets, as these need to be installed, so they protrude one inch past the existing wall on the rain will find its way in these opening or worse cause a short.

One may also need new downspouts adjusted as stucco an inch thick may hinder the original downspouts seams.

Thus in this video, I’m trying to help the homeowner improvise installing some roof-to-wall stucco flashing.
Then counter with our weep or drip screed to properly watertight a home.

There are many ways to flash a roof to a wall area to prepare it for stucco. We try and come up with the best solution among the alternatives available.

The absolute best way to flash a roof is to hire a roofer.😏

Jason and I think you will enjoy and learn a lot about roofing flashing or saddles in the video below. And protect your number 1 investment. Stucco wall to roof flashing, metal saddles.

Now kick back, relax, and enjoy the show! 🍿
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