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Interior lime plaster over interior structo-lite base-coat over cement board for a fireplace










Interior lime plaster over interior structo-lite base-coat over cement board for a fireplace
That, my friends, is a long title but it is what it is.

FYI, folks, if you want to find Structo-lite base coat and or diamond lime plaster, google, “Plastering yards near me,” Like Westside Building materials, they have material yards in Oakland, ca. and many other areas.
As HD and Lowes, and many other hardware stores claim, they sell these materials. However, when you get there, they don’t. So don’t get mad at ole Kirk. I’m just the messenger giving free advice to all who want it.

As so many email me to say! Hey! I can’t find the “Diamond Lime Plaster,”
Diamond is simply a name like “Imperial” both of these lime plasters are made by USG.
If you can’t find Diamond, so what. Buy another lime plaster.
USG’s calls their Lime plaster “Diamond,” one has to admit it’s a clever name for lime plaster,
Why? Diamonds are minerals composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known. Damned clever lime naming if you asked me?
Google, “Lime Plaster sold in my area,”
FYI, it can be named “XYZ or Blaw, Blaw, Blaw, Lime Plaster,” as long as it’s a “Lime Plaster,” you’re good.
Lime plaster is a mixture of Lime, water, and aggregates used to bring uniformity to interior walls and ceilings through smooth or decorative finishes.

A few more videos about lime plastering are below that may interest you. lime plastering kitchens. actual lime plaster, no lye or silica Lime Veneer Plasters to bathroom wall plastering, veneer plastering. Oak hills Lime plaster is a type of plaster composed of sand, water, and Lime.

Why apply Lime anyway? Earthen plasters can improve your health. They are entirely non-toxic, contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and clay and Lime even resist mold growth. In addition, an often overlooked and subtle benefit of clay is that when it comes into contact with water, it emits a negative charge.

It is then re-hydrated to form slaked lime (calcium hydroxide), and the resulting putty is the base for lime plaster.
Once the plaster has been applied, it goes through a chemical process when it comes into contact with carbon dioxide in the air and gradually turns back into calcium carbonate (limestone).
Actual Lime plastering prevents mold and fungi from occurring as its alkaline.

Lime is a necessary mineral.
Limes positive effect on the human body can’t be expressed or measured.
Lime plaster absorbs many airborne toxins, which is good for human health.

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We wish to bring peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering.

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