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Indoor Ceiling Plastering










Indoor Ceiling Plastering.
In this video, we are showing Interior Plastering,
Plaster repairs for the interior ceiling & walls. This is so much easier on walls as you don’t have gravity working against you.
We explain how to remove and prep the ceiling for a new plaster finish.

The homeowner explained that he was walking on his ceiling joists when he lost his footing, and one foot went through the ceiling joist and busted out the plaster.
I have been told where one guy was up in the attic and lost footing. The difference was his leg went through the ceiling, leaving him stuck up to his hip. LOL.
Wish I had been there to see it.
I, too, have walked on the ceiling joist and lost my footing only to touch the field “between the rafters” but pulled up by reflex too fast to do any damage to the ceiling, so it does happen often.

FYI, drywall or sheetrock joint compounds are much more user-friendly to the average homeowner or DIY person. However, the information below will help you better understand this simpler method to achieve the same results as this video.
Thus I have included them to help you understand your choices.

Tapping mud is sold in boxes and five-gallon buckets. It’s a gypsum paste-like product for skimming seams in drywall. So what happens when you put accelerators in tapping mud?
You get drywall joint compounds. So that’s what I’m applying, a twenty-minute drywall joint compound.

If you prefer to use drywall or sheetrock compounds instead of structo-lite plaster, like me in this video, below are more tips.
Drywall or sheetrock compounds are usually sold at most Home Depot, Lowe’s, and naturally at all plastering material yards and even small hardware stores.
They are the easiest way for homeowners to correct scratches or holes in all the rooms of their homes. You do not need to be an expert to use any drywall compounds!

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