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Interior Structo-lite Plaster why use it










Interior Structo-lite Plaster why use it

We are located in Alameda next door to Oakland ca. We specialize in stucco remodels, stucco add ons, stucco additions, lath scratch and brown coats with stucco finishes to match your existing finish or just stucco patch repairs.

FYI, I don’t wish to give the impression that I’m downplaying COVID. I’m not as I know disease too well
With my Maui clean-up 4 years ago of two homes, I contacted Malaria, Lyme disease, leptospirosis, and had Hep C for good measure, though an operation 40 years ago, so I’m no stranger to illness.

I’ve had to crawl to the bathroom more times than I’d like to admit.

Thus, I joke around to my pals when they say, how come a man like you keeps testing negative for Covid?
I say, maybe it’s because of all the cement I’ve inhaled over the past 40 years it’s built a cement wall against Covid. Plus, I add if I did get it, my immune system built up such resistance from my past ills that If COVID enters my body, my white blood cells grab it by its furry head and deposit it into my colon to be deposited into the nearest toilet where it belongs.

As I mentioned in this video, I’d place a skit from the late great, George Carlin about his philosophy on bacteria and the immune system. Here it is. Keep in mind this is for adults only. -
Not to make fun of a disease that’s killing millions but to add a bit of humor to a nasty situation,
Our channel is rated G, so I’ll let old George enlighten us about his philosophy towards life.

In this video, it was pointed out the owner wanted more mineral wool shoved in next to the chimney for added protection against the heat. Mineral wool is a man-made fiber. I have no clue what was in there and didn’t want to get involved in this method.
However, why try and reinvent the wheel? If structo-lite base-coat-plaster is specked out for hospitals and schools, longer than I have been in this trade, it’s the right choice for this simple repair.
Lastly, structo-lite says it’s a base-coat and can’t be finished. Most use a veneer topping. It was unnecessary for this simple repair, as I learned many years ago, with a wet trowel on every stroke, the perlite or volcanic glass can be embedded in itself. Just like finishing concrete, which I’m also no stranger to.
USG makes structo-lite, they also make an accelerator called, “Gypsum Plaster Accelerator,” If one does not wish to wait for the 3 to 5 hour set time. Or some plasterers just add some Portland cement to accelerate Structo-lite plaster. LIme Veneer Plasters over sheetrock

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