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Free stucco and Plastering videos produced by Kirk Giordano Plastering and family










Free stucco and Plastering videos produced by Kirk Giordano Plastering and family

Howdy ambitious subscribers allow us to share some learned knowledge about stucco and Plastering.
These videos by me, Kirk Giordano, and the rest of my family will guild you through; this channel explains how you can do it or see how your chosen plastering contractor should do it.

If you’ve never made it as a poor man stealing because, like me, you’re too damned honest;
Then my young apprentice plasterers or even many of you seasoned journeymen plasterers you come to the right place if you wish the knowledge to make a legal living earning cash, staying fit, with the ability to keep food on your table with paid electricity paid, so you can see what you’re eating,
This site is our gift to you.

I have had schooling for four years in the early 80s, which was not that practical, but with my hands-on working with tools for 40 years, you can learn as I did, do it right the first time, or go back and do it for free, but this time correctly.

These are the complete encyclopedia and plastering and stucco videos ever produced, with close to a thousand videos. It’s doubtful what we have accomplished can be replicated by anyone else, ever!

Why not? Because I love applying stucco and or plastering.
So much, I have spent my entire life to this one trade, plus for over ten years, we have been sharing with the whole world all we have learned.
My family helps with plastering, plus Jason does all the filming as I don’t know anything about filming myself or others and will undoubtedly never become interested in it.
My interest lies in applications and material knowledge; these areas give me pleasure.

We have close to 50 million views, while I have personally responded to over 40 thousand questions and comments.
Our teaching comes from decades of sound particle learned knowledge.
There are no secrets but common sense with decades of applications and material knowledge.

Thus our shared knowledge can never be duplicated. The closest one will get to sit back and enjoy all these hundreds of thousands of hours in which we share the wisdom, always for free for those ready to learn. Cheers, all.

Together, my son and I have unconsciously created the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Stucco and Plastering videos ever produced online globally for your inspiration, entertainment, and education.
Cool tip: subscribers on our channel with a question, type it into our channel, and like magic, a video will appear to explain how it’s done.
This feature is miles ahead of any plastering forum.

We’re bringing peace, love, and brotherhood back into plastering.

East Bay Stucco & Plastering Contractor

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Tools of the Trade

Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.
Kirk & Jason Giordano’s how-to show and tell videos.
I am a hands-on 40-year applicator; my philosophy is to do it right or redo it for free.
Thanks for watching, and have a great day!

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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