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stucco removal wear a quality respiratory protect your lungs you might need them in the future










stucco removal wear a quality respiratory protect your lungs you might need them in the future

Hello, all our friendly subscriber in stucco removal wearing a quality respiratory for you lungs protection.

In this important video, we are not talking about applying any type of stucco; instead, when you remove stucco or plaster, wear quality respiratory for protecting your lungs from silica and lye.

Why? Silica is just as harmful, perhaps even worse, as asbestos.

Lye, all types of cement, eats skins and is absorbed transdermally into our bloodstream, so do we also want to inhale it?
Some facts about lye, stucco, and or concrete both have lye in them. Lye is mean to our skin or anything else it gets in contact with.

When I first got into this trade, I tried to be cool and not wear gloves. Unfortunately, it took less than a week for my fingers on both hands at all the joints to start bleeding and hurt like hell.

It got so bad I couldn’t open my hand, let alone use them. So I had to apply Vaseline to them at night and put them in sandwich bags with rubber bands so that the vaseline would get on the beddings.
After about 4 days, the pealing of the flesh stopped. I’ve been wearing gloves ever since.

Masks, lung, and health concerns are indeed extremely accurate.

One should always wear a mask or respirator and goggles when breaking out stucco or concrete,
or mixing cement plaster.
Have I always worn a mask and or Google? Unfortunately, I never have in all my years of removing, mixing, and applying. Raw ignorance in the purest form on my part.
One would think I should be dead by the stuff I inhaled.
Mix this with growing up to a chemical plant with forty, 8X4 large steel containers of acid. This small warehouse was a mere 15 feet from my bedroom window—the workers, chrome-plated metals, how I used to love that toxic chemical smell. Yes, we grew up in a ghetto/industrial for the first 18 years of my life.

Most normal folks locked their car doors while just driving through that area.
Moving on from my whiny life’s beginning.

These days I wear protective goggles and masks for most things as my son, Jason, gets pissed off and definitely encourages me to wear protective gear.
I realize It’s goofy after 40 years to start now, but better late than never.

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I am a hands-on 40-year applicator; my philosophy is to do it right or redo it for free.
Thanks for watching, and have a great day!

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