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Learn how and where to use Dupont’s Straight Flash, How to waterproof old windows with no paper










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Thank you all for watching this free online class about waterproofing old windows where the stucco had to be torn off due to moister intrusion.

Moister intrusion!
That’s fancy stucco talk for saying after a hundred years, the rain seeped through and rotted out many of the walls, It happens to any and all houses, and this one is no exception.
Want to avoid tearing stucco off of your home?
Caulk cracks up high; the drag is that you never go that high or walk your roof to see how much your stucco parapet has cracked.
If you did, you could save rotting wood from happening by simply caulking your cracks yearly.
Now you know, have a wonderful and exciting day!

Fyi, I will include a walk-through video of this house below as we will be working on it for a while.

Hello, folks; in this video, we show another way of making certain existing old ass windows are waterproofed properly. Keep in mind this frame is over one hundred years old, so it may be taken into consideration that it is now a new install where we can have the luxury of just tucking under the new sill flashing.
There are many ways to accomplish the important old waterproofing of windows that have seen better days; however, this one costs more for the DuPont Straight flash.

But it’s the superior method of achieving our objective of making certain the 20 old windows do not leak.
As I excepted this job, thus all waterproofing is now, My responsibility.
Good thing we know what we’re doing for stucco longevity
It may seem complicated; however, it’s another day at the office for us.

Note folks, the applicator should have two layers of 60-minute paper touching the bottom of any wood sill. There are many ways of accomplishing waterproofing windows with no paper.
The best two methods used to accomplish waterproofing sills or windows properly are.
Number one, using a polyurethane caulking, “Sika-Flex or comparable,” and fusing both the paper and wood together involves a huge amount of caulking in which to cover the wood and paper at least a quarter-inch.
Also, note that the wood must be clean enough to eat off, or the polyurethane caulking will be useless.
The other method shown in this video is to adhere one inch of Dupont’s Straight-Flash peel and stick, “or comparable,” that can be stuck to the wood bottom; the same rule applies to the bottom or underneath the sill has to be super clean.
Many chemicals can be used to get any and all particles off the bottom sill, which I also wipe the frame with as we have to cover the frames with plastic to apply the stucco.
We can’t have the plastic coming off either until we pull it off.

We buy this Dupont Straight Flash at Westside Building materials in Oakland; however, they have material yards throughout the USA.
Or google plastering yards near me, or go to Amazon and but this Dupont Straight Flash or their Flex-Wrap, which is neet weeks video.
Obviously worth the dough for the longevity of your number one investment.
And equally integrity of the Giordano reputation.
My son Jason, the cameraman plasterer, is also licensed and will be contracting stucco and plastering for many years to come.
Plus, my younger lads, Carl and Dan. Kirk’s website and contact information. My son Jason’s Website or contact info.

Thank you all for watching, and wishing all a beautiful day!

Learn how and where to use Dupont Straight Flash.
How to waterproof old windows with no paper

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