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Learn to make patchy stucco beautiful and uniform










Learning to make patchy stucco beautiful and uniform.
If anyone is wondering, “how can I make my stucco look nice?” You’ve reached your how-to destination.

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Howdy All in this video, my family and I are explaining while demonstrating how to patch the new foundation repairs into a beautiful and uniform colored maintenance-free smooth stucco finish.
Homeowners who tried and perhaps failed in trying to blend in stucco patches? This video serves as another option; what’s that option? Re-stucco the complete wall. Duh.

The homeowner who performed this work proceeded to cut the existing lower stucco off where it was butted into the concrete foundation to install a weep screed, as this home was stuccoed without a weep or drip screed.
Most homes stuccoed pre-1970 to 1975 don’t have these stucco screeds as they went yet invented.

Next week’s two new videos will explain why one would install a new weep screed, where homes are butted into the concrete foundation. To explain why this work was done.
Plus, a new video explaining how to apply a scratch and brown coat and the meaning of a mechanical bond. Turn a wood house into a stucco home Apply new stucco and skim coat a blocked chimney. How to stucco color finishes, moss. Spread smooth stucco over rough. Make heavy stucco smooth. Repair bad stucco patches with new plaster. Spread a skip trowel texture with just the base coat.

Special tip only from the minds of this DIY network designed to teach young and old, the
inexperienced homeowners to master craftsman alternatives and or traditional methods used in applying our goals of spreading stucco.
Thus whatchawannano about stucco? Kirk’s website. Jason’s Website.

Thank you all for watching. Have a wonderful and exciting day!

Kirk & Jason Giordano
Kirk & Jason Giordano

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