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Learn to repair damaged or broken concrete stairs and porch columns with new stucco.










Learn to repair damaged or broken concrete stairs and porch columns with new stucco.
It’s just another day at the office for us.

As a rule, folks, most same-day stuccos are twice the cost for the materials but also twice as strong as traditional stucco.
In this video, I’m working with a fast. Set hydraulic stucco as I wanted strength and the ability for the stucco to set fast.
In fact, it set after than I anticipated, determining factors on all fast set stucco: the weather or temperature is the main factor, and the adding or not of accelerator and/or retardants.
Yea, my son Jason, recommended adding the retardants to start with, but I asked him not to,
Big oops.
Retardants give an extra half hour to 45 minutes to work or play around the stucco.

Remember that no matter how bad your concrete stairs, foundations, or walls look, they can easily be repaired or fixed with stucco.

Below are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
Jason did the research, so you don’t have to. Instead, find the right tools at the best cost.
Kirk and Jason Giordano Plastering Inc.

Below learn how to apply or render stucco over cement, block, and brick walls. How to match and apply stucco over customized or creative rendered block walls. SF. How to Spread a stucco base coat and spread a finish over cinder or concrete block walls CV. How to render or spread a stucco foundation six inches thick. Transform any concrete block wall by learning how to apply stucco. Berkeley. Transform bricks or blocks into art by applying Home depots Greencore USA stucco. How to stucco a mountain with plastering applications. Learn why the second coat of stucco is a brown coat when it’s grey?

Yes, I am applying a fast-set hydric cement plaster called Eisenwall.
Eisenwall is only sold at plastering yards; you must add sand.
How much sand?
We mix three times the sand to every part of the cement plaster.
However, suppose you DIY plastering weekend warriors and want a similar, much more user-friendly product. In that case, they also make their sister product sold at all Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware stores called “rapid set Stucco.” Rapid-Set stucco is sold in 10, or 25-pound boxes or 50 to 94-pound bags. This you mix with water. Kirk’s website and contact information. Jason’s Website or contact info.

Thank you all for watching; have a wonderful and exciting day!

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Kirk & Jason Giordano

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Check out our recommended stucco tools if you plan on doing it yourself!

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