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Interior Lime Plastering, Lime is healthy. Lime is life










Interior Lime Plastering, Lime is healthy. Lime is life.
Howdy all, would you believe Lime Plastering is healthy, lime is life, or that interior lime plastering does have health benefits?
There is a benefit when your walls are covered with minerals such as limestone.

When inhaling, you can’t see it, but then again, nor can you see religion or covid for that matter.
Does this mean this logic of inhaling minerals does not make any sense?

How many times have you been close to the Ocean and been unhappy?
I know this for a fact as to when In some countries I wondered the streets past 2:am, researching trouble or excitement, but found in those areas next to warm oceans especially that even the criminals or thugs are friendly. Things that make you go hmmm.

Mineral Resources from the Ocean – building, river, sea, depth.

Back on topic, Interior and exterior lime Plaster go back to the beginning of time.
When millions worldwide would parge their walls made of sticks, branches, rocks, logs, bricks, whatever, you then heated the lime, and painted it on with whatever you could, such as a straw broom; this would protect and preserve the exterior walls no matter what they were made of, thus safeguarding and preventing decay.

Plus, this parged lime finish would repel bugs, such as spiders, ticks, ticks, and other harmful insects, including parasites, mites, funguses bacteria that one could not see with the human eye.

Plus, this limestone application, when finished, would prevent snakes, rats, and other critters who also love foraging on your floors for food and warmth.
Well, most of the homes, anyway. See this video for more details.

These are facts and things to ponder from yesteryear when we were not do-called civilized. When the rat plagues and other airborne illnesses were rampant.

Lime plastering over new or existing sheetrock, some exciting and different ideas or thought sets only from your mind of yours truly. re-finishing sheetrock with lime plastering kitchen walls. Rendering Lime Plasters to finish sheetrock. rendering plastering interior Lime for finishing sheetrock

Next, kick back, relax, and enjoy the video!
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