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Remove and Repair a Flaking or Faulty Color Coat, peeling stucco










Remove and Repair a Flaking or Faulty Color Coat, peeling stucco,
failing stucco textures.
Remove Loose Stucco, then re-apply the original or same texture, failing stucco textures.
Failing textures, Peeling paint/stucco, failing stucco finish, color coats coming off, loose and falling plaster.

Howdy Folks, Here we show a color coat separating from the stucco wall.

Any particles, weather dust, moss, or paint must be pressure or power washed well before any bonding agent is applied to the wall surface. I like to call this process micro scoring, you use a pressure washer with at least 3,000 psi, plus a turbo tip to literally wash and score the existing paint.
This will ensure an excellent bond.

We removed the loose stucco, re-applied the original or same texture, and blended it into the existing so no one could tell where the plaster had separated when painted.
I used a bonding agent called “Weld-Creat’ by Larson’s to adhere to the new heavy finish stucco called La HaHaBra, which was heavy sand called 16/20 to bend or feather in the new stucco finish into the existing on that failed.

Below are a couple of videos that explain the entire new stucco finishing process in great detail.
Please, be our guest and view if you consider a color finish instead of painting! Stucco color retexturing gabs, Oakland ca. New stucco finish after removing vinyl siding make smooth, heavy textures, stucco. integrated stucco color finishes. Moss Applying a skip trowel stucco with a base coat.

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