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More interior plastering tips










More interior plastering tips.
Folks, we are located in Oakland, CA.

FYI, folks, here are all the basic tools we use and recommend on Amazon’s website.
Live long and plaster hats, shirts, and other cool stuff.
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This video, it’s another of my son Jason, jobs, he first covered the area, then removed all the loose plaster.
I happened to be in the neighborhood working with my other sons Carl, and Dan, and stopped by to show how we do ceiling repairs.
As it’s a real drag to film oneself.

This mud was going off or setting, and I had about 5 minutes to use it or lose it, when this happens you have to apply it with lots of pressure or throw it away, and remix another bucket full.
We only throw mixed plaster away if it’s set where it can’t be applied, thus as an example, think of a 15 to 20-pound dumbbell, place it in your hand, and drag it along the ceiling while pushing it upwards.
That’s the amount of pressure I was forced to use, it’s not a big deal but explains, that when you wait too long while doing other things like “talking” instead of spreading.
Just, another day at the office for us.

FYI, I used the diamond lime finish for the base and finish coat and simply finished it, but you have to know a bit about your materials to do this. For example, if I were doing a whole room. I’d apply a basecoat no doubt with Diamond basecoat or Structo-Lite then apply a diamond lime finish over it.
But for such small areas, that was not necessary.

Want to see more ceiling repairs, using all materials known to man.
Click on any of our how-to videos below. Plaster ceilings with fiberglass netting. Plastering interior ceilings over wood lath. Stucco on an exterior ceiling. Interior plaster repairs on a ceiling Plaster an exterior ceiling.

Thanks for watching and remember you can depend on us for sound advice.

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