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New Stucco Applied Over Old Stucco for Modern Looking Stucco










New Stucco Applied Over Old Stucco for Modern Looking Stucco.
Smooth stucco over rough stucco
Hello, my friends. I’m sharing some tips on applications to smooth out your rough stucco finish or texture in this video.

Tip folks, wait before hydrating stucco-colored finishes.

What will happen if you hydrate a new stucco color finish too soon?
The color can bleed, bleach, or discolor.
For example, most can understand what it would look like you poured Clorox on Blue on jeans. So, don’t hydrate stucco color coats too soon! Especially if they are dark colors.

Hydration is essential to achieving durable stucco. It is the principal mechanism of converting Portland cement into a solid binder.
Hydrating or moist curing of stucco achieves two things: long-term strength development and improved substrate conditions for the application of exterior finishes.

This rule also applies to integrated color finishes as they have Portland cement.
However, for the love of God, if you feel you must hydrate a color cementitious finish freshly applied, wait at least 5-7 days in hot summer weather or at least 10 days in cold winter times.
Thus you can be assured of no discoloring and or blotchy areas.

The advantages and benefits of applying a stucco finish coat with color.
They are fifty to seventy times thicker than paint.
This is why stucco medium or heavy sand finishes cover and hide imperfections in existing stucco finishes and why painting enhances these flaws.

Below are a couple of videos that explain the entire stucco finishing process in detail.
Please, be our guest view, and enjoy, Happy holidays all. Stucco color retexturing gabs make smooth, heavy textures, stucco. integrated stucco color finishes. Moss Applying a skip trowel stucco with a base coat. New stucco finish after removing vinyl siding Spreading a Skip trowel texture with the base coat. How to match stucco skip trowel finishes. my experience with Larson’s, Weld-Crete.

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