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Pebble Plaster Dash finish for a stucco turret










Applying Plaster Pebble Dash finish on a stucco turret. Gravel as aggregate.
plastering sand and cement rendering a turret.

Hello guys and gals, in this video we show how to mix and apply a Pebble Dash Thrown on pebble dash finish for this turret, towards the end of the video, but first we show the scratch and brown coat.

Here’s a tip if you do this remember the rocks are heavier than the sand and cement and will have to be thrown on quickly or constantly mixed.
It’s not a big deal unless you’re working by yourself. In this video it does not show that I sent two bucket down for re-mixing with the drill, when it arrived back I through it on fast, before the pebbles could sink to the bottom again.

I could not find perlite aggregate which is soooo much easier than actual pebble rocks as the perlite does not sink to the bottom.

Perlite is a lightweight aggregate used in stucco and concrete.

Also in the U.K. there are lots of homes with thrown on finishes where the aggregate is for example abalone shells, colored rocks, pebbles and other cool things that enhance beauty and imagination.

The difference between application of these finishes and what I am showing here is that you first apply a loose brown coat and throw your crushed abalone shells into the brown coat. They are not mixed with the cement otherwise you wouldn’t see the colors.

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Pebble Plaster Dash finish for a stucco turret
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Pebble Plaster Dash finish for a stucco turret, pebble dash finish,
apply a pebble stucco dash finish

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