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Lime Interior Finishing, Spinning Stucco Hawk Magic Trick from Kirk Giordano










Lime Interior Finishing, Spinning Stucco Hawk Magic Trick only From the phenomenal imaginative mind of Kirk Giordano Plastering.
Lime veneer finishes Lime Interior Finishing, Lime Plastering Sheetrock or Drywall.

As many email me to say! Hey! I can’t find the “Diamond Lime Plaster,”
Diamond is simply a name like “Imperial” both of these lime plasters are made by USG.
If you can’t find Diamond, so what. Buy another lime plaster.
USG’s calls their Lime plaster “Diamond,” one has to admit it’s a clever name for lime plaster,
Why? Diamonds are minerals composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance known. Damned clever lime naming if you asked me?
Google, “Lime Plaster sold in my area,”
FYI, it can be named “XYZ or Blaw, Blaw, Blaw, Lime Plaster,” as long as it’s a “Lime Plaster,” you’re good.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today we finished sheetrock walls with veneer lime plaster instead of gypsum. Why? It’s stronger, faster, and more resistant to moisture in a kitchen or bathroom.

The lime plaster I’m applying does have some gypsum in it.
However, the crushed limestones dominate the mix; thus, when this lime plaster set’s you get a plaster finish that resorts back to limestone.

This is why you can’t sand it or push thumbtacks through it.
It’s also code-compliant for hospitals, schools, police stations, racketball courts, etc.

Most veneer lime plasters do indeed provide a monolithic hardness or soundness to them when set.

We used a lime base coat and finish coat to finish sheetrock walls.
This is far superior and stronger than tapping mud, plus a much faster way to finish your sheetrock in the kitchen and bathroom.
So why do not all tappers use this system?
Possibly, they don’t understand the materials and how to apply them
It is no different from tapping mud with the actual troweling; naturally, the LImes sets differently to gypsums.

With lime plastering, you apply a bonding agent to the sheetrock, then use a lime base coat and finish coat to your sheetrock, and it’s done on the same day.
Plus, LIme plaster is anti-bacterial and mold-proof, along with moisture resistance.

FYI, most lime plasters say on the bags, “veneer lime plaster.”
So why is it called Veneer lime plaster?
The word “veneer” has nothing to do with a mineral but more a process or application.
It simply means a thin application of lime plaster being applied.

Lime plaster goes back to the beginning of time. However, sheetrock has been used since about 1960 as it’s a faster way to build a home.
Limestone is heated in Kilns to about 1600 degrees for those curious. Depending on how it’s processed, it becomes either lime putty, slaked lime, or powder. Water is again added. It becomes limestone once more; this plaster is mainly for interior usage.

Lime re-finishing over new or existing sheetrock! Veneer Lime Plastering, amusing stuff. Lime Veneer Plasters to finish sheetrock.

This video was taken for our loyal subscribers; if you’ve ever pondered the question, “can you just apply one coat of either lime base or lime finish to a wall? “you’ve come to the right place; click below to see how.

Interior ceiling plastering, the old spinning Plaster hawk secret revealed at 4:33 impress friends, Stucco Hawk Magic Trick only From the phenomenal imaginative mind of Kirk Giordano Plastering.

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