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Plaster with a rapid set cement plaster or stucco










Plaster with a rapid set cement plaster or stucco

Howdy guys and gals, in this video I explain how we lathed this room addition (after the lath inspection) we then applied a three coat stucco system. For this addition we did both coats on the same day then floated the second coat before throwing a dash finish on it.
Not a great video to show as we were bumping into each other as there was little room to work let alone film, and yes I applied the second coat a bit too soon, I should have let set an additional 20 minutes.
Nothing I can’t handle., but not good for a video, oppps.
Stucco manufactures companies have been making stucco materials so that plasterers can apply both coats on the same day for at least 30 years that I know of.
It used to be you needed certifications to apply these same day cement plaster finishes, but it seems nowadays you can buy these same day materials at any large hardware store.
Please note: I thought this day was going to be very hot so I added a packs of retardant per bag of cement plaster, which slows the set time by about 20 to 30 minutes, the second coat was applied and took about an extra half hour to cure which gave us time to eat lunch. If I had not added the retardant it would have set much faster, either way it’s nothing old kirk could not handle.
Also note, rapid sets stucco cures in 6 hours to about 1500 psi, in 24 hours to about 2,500 psi and in 30 days’ time to an incredible 4,000, psi.
Rapid set is as strong as concrete and in some cases stronger.
Traditional cement plaster is usually half this strength.
You get what you pay for as this rapid set usually costs about 40 bucks a bag with tax. (This is what I used on this project.)
Premium cement plaster cost about 15 bucks a bag, for traditional stucco, and is still considered a great product.

Rapid Set Cement makes our rapid concrete projects possible.

Compared to Portland cement, Rapid set gains strength faster, is more resistant to freeze cycles, experiences almost no shrinkage during hydration, and is far more durable than Portland cement.

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Plaster with a rapid set cement plaster or stucco
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Plaster with a rapid set cement plaster or stucco,
Plastering with a rapid set cement plaster

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